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ActionScript is an object oriented programing language originally created by Macromedia. Macromedia has since been bought by Adobe. The ActionScript language is open source and is used for developing Flash and Air applications. An ActionScript app can run on both the web and on the users local machine. It is also possible to create applications that rune on both Android and natively on Apple iOS devices such as iPhone ans iPad.


Flash Player 2 was the first version of Flash to support scripts. This support was very limited and only applied to manipulating the timeline in Flash. Flash Player 3 and Flash Player 4 introduced extended support for Actions adding support for loops and variables.

ActionScript 1

ActionScript 1.0 was released with Flash Player 5 in September of 2000 and was the first version called ActionScript. This was also the first version that accepted text coded programming. Previous versions had only Actions to choose from in a menu. Flash Player 6 did not introduce any major changes of the language.

ActionScript 2

ActionScript 2.0 was released with Flash Player 7 in September of 2003. ActionScript 2 introduced Classes and inheritance to the language. This allowed for more structured object oriented programming than in previous version of ActionScript.

ActionScript 3

ActionScript 3.0 is the latest version of the programming language for Flash. This version was released in June of 2006 together with Flash Player 9. This was a hole new version of the language and run on a separate virtual machine than previous versions of ActionScript. Flash Player 10 and Flash Player 11 introduced performance enhancements and still uses the same version of ActionScript but with an extended library of classes. Flash Player 11 added Stage 3D witch allows for advanced graphics accelerated 3D capabilities.

ActionScript programmer

This was a short introduction to ActionScript and its history. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are in need of an experienced ActionScript programmer. I have got many years of experience in advanced ActionScript development. I started as a Flash developer before ActionScript 3 was released. So please contact me if you are looking for a freelance Flash developer.