Practice the Multiplication Table


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Practice on the multiplication tables online in this free fun math game. This multiplication game is associated with the tutorial on localization that you find here.

Do you know what 8 times 7 is or 6 times 9? Do you know the whole multiplication table, all the multiples of 5? If not then practice and learn the multiplication table in this math game online. Math is always fun so start practising on the multiplication tables now. Will you answer the math questions correct?

Available in Android Market

This math game is now available in Android Market so you can download it and play it on your Android phone.

This cool math for kids game is funny for both boys and girls of all ages and regardless of school grade. To study multiplication can be fun when you play this interactive math multiplication game and you will learn multiplication fast as you practice on this multiplication quiz. You will find the answers faster and faster as you become better while learning the multiplication tables. Math 4 kids should be funny. Practice at home and teach yourself the multiplication tables online, then show of your knowledge at school. Online educational games like this math game is a great way of learning math fast. I hope you will enjoy this cool interactive math game.