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My name is Andreas, and I'm a Flash developer with many years of professional experience in advanced ActionScript programming in Flash. If you are looking for a talented and experienced Flash programmer that can do more than just create simple animations then you have come to the right place.

I started programming ActionScript in 2004 and I've got a Master of Science degree in Electronic Engineering which has given me a broad technical understanding. I have always had a passion for programming and I coded my first programs in the late 80's in Basic on the C64. At the university there were many programming courses in my education. This has given me the knowledge of several programming languages ​​in addition to ActionScript, which has resulted in giving me a good theoretical understanding of how effective programs are built up from scratch, regardless of programming language. After I finished my university education I have focused on the development for the web and especially on programming in ActionScript, but also in PHP and databases in MySQL. During my professional career as a flash developer, I have become an expert in ActionScript.

Dynamic Flash Applications

I have extensive experience in creating dynamic Flash applications where, for example, you can automatically change the language of the application, depending on where in the world the user is coming from. To store data, I use external data sources in the form of databases or XML files. Regarding links to databases from Flash, I have most experience of MySQL together with PHP on the server. I of course use CSS to control the look of my applications.

ActionScript 3

When I started in 2004 as a Flash Developer I programmed in ActionScript 2. Today it is most often ActionScript 3 that I develop my applications in. ActionScript 3 is an object-oriented programming language and to write object oriented code is something I have been doing since University. I'm a big fan of design patterns such as MVC, which can simplify and speed up the development process. I find it easy to read, fix and extend other developers' code. It has often occurred that I have had to take over and complete projects that other programmers have started or that I have been updating existing applications with new features. At these times it is important that a flash developer can quickly get an overview of how the program is structured to effectively be able to correct what is wrong or expand the program with new features. Flash is evolving fast, so I try to always take in new skills and keep me updated on what's happening in the Flash world. The web is full of resources for a Flash developer.

Android developer and iPhone developer

With Flex Builder 4.5, we Flash developers have gotten the ability to develop apps in parallel for both Android phones / surf boards and iOS devices such as iPhone / iPad. To develop an app that can run on both an iPhone and an Android phone is now no greater burden than to develop an app for just one of the platforms. I have experience from several projects to develop apps for both the iPhone / iPad and for Android based phones and tablets. Are you looking for a Flash developer who is also an Android developer and iPhone developer, then do not hesitate to contact me and I will help you develop your applications for mobile phones.

Flex Developer

The tools that I primarily used when I develop my ActionScript 3 project is Flex Builder 3 from Adobe. Flex 3 is a program that streamlines the programming process and shortens the time required to create an application than to code in Adobe Flash CS5 or any of the open source options available in the market. Therefore you could also call me a Flex developer, but since the result is still a Flash application, I still prefer flash developer. In spring 2010 Adobe released the sequel Flex 4 under the new name, Flash Builder 4. Since I have been an active beta tester of this program, I have already before it was released gotten lots of experience developing applications in Flash Builder 4. Spring 2011 saw the release of Flash Builder 4.5 which turned a Flash developer into an App Developer for Android and iPhone / iPad devices.

What is Flash?

You who read this probably already know what Flash is. If not, here are some information about what Flash can be used for. Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform to include producing animation, interactivity for websites and rich Internet applications, RIAs. Flash was originally developed by Macromedia, called Macromedia Flash, but is now part of Adobe's portfolio. With Flash we flash developers can create platform-independent Web applications that work consistently on all major browsers and operating systems. To run a Flash application in the browser, the user must have Adobe Flash Player installed. Adobe Flash Player is installed on 99% of all Internet connected computers (December 2009, according to Adobe). If a visitor after all do not have Flash Player installed this can be downloaded for free from Adobe's website. The latest version is Flash 10 and it has native support for 3D effects. This has made it easier for us flash developers to create intuitive, engaging interfaces using built-in 3-D conversion. With the latest version, we flash programmers have also gotten better control over the texts and their layout in the application.

Adobe AIR

With Flash, you can also develop applications that can run locally on a computer instead of over the web. Then you can use Adobe AIR to create applications that can be installed on the user's computer, phone or pad regardless of the operating system used.

Tutorial, guides and help

I have also chosen to publish tutorial, guides and help on ActionScript 3 on this page. Here I share with you the experience I received during my long career as a flash developer. There is everything from simple get started guides to advanced ActionScript 3 guides for experienced flash programmers. My hope is that everyone can find something of interest here, whether you are just starting your career as a flash developer, or if you are already an experienced ActionScript expert.

If you are looking for an experienced flash developer then you can contact me here.

Latest ActionScript Tutorials, Applications and Games

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This tutorial is a guide to how you access the accelerometer in Flash Builder 4.5 for mobile devices. We are going to create an app that simulates a lifelike ball rolling around on the mobile phone screen.


Prevent Mobile Idle Mode


This short tutorial will be about how to prevent a mobile phone or device from turning of the screen, and going into idle mode to save power, when the user do not touch the mobile screen for some time. You might like to prevent this default behaviour when the user plays a game using the accelerometer in the phone or device.


ActionScript Mobile Project


This beginner tutorial for Flash Builder 4.5 will teach you how to create your first ActionScript Mobile Project. We will build a simple app that displays Hello World on the mobile phone or pad. Flash Builder 4.5.1 can be used to create mobile apps for Android phones / pads, iOS such as iPhone / iPad and for Blackberry devices. No prior knowledge of Flash, ActionScript or Flash Builder is required to follow along in this tutorial.


Geography Game


Practice geography online in this fun game. Learn the countries of Africa or the provinces of Sweden.


First Flex Mobile Project


This beginners article will teach you how to create your first Flex Mobile Project in Flash Builder 4.5. We will create a simple application that displays Hello World on the mobile screen. You do not need any prior knowledge of Flash, ActionScript 3.0 or Flex to follow along with this tutorial.


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